What is HTML? 🤔

What is HTML? 🤔

Beginner's guide

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Hi!, citizens of the internet 👋

In this article, we will learn together what HTML is and your first steps on the road to web development. Let us begin! 🚀

What is HTML? 🤔

HTML is an acronym for HyperText Markup Language.

And even with this meaning it may not be understood🥴, so we go by parts:

  • Hypertext 🧩
  • Markup 🧩
  • Language 🧩

Is HTML a Language?

Yes, HTML is a language because it allows us to communicate with computers.🤖

But, What allows us to communicate? Don't worry, we'll fix it, keep reading.🔥

What does it mean to be Markup?

The synonyms that can help us understand better are: define, delimit or point out.🤓

🧠 "Summary: HTML is a Markup Language"

Therefore, HTML is a language that allows us to communicate to the computer how to define, delimit or point.🧐

But, What does it allow us to Markup? Now, let's go to the last step.😎

What is Hypertext?

In simple words, Hypertext is text that contains links to other texts. We are mainly interested in its use in the world of computing, which are hyperlinks (known as links or link). 🔗

"So, Hypertext is a text with the power to direct you to another text. 🦸‍♂️"

📌Note: Although now the use of hyperlinks is very common to us, it was a technology that revolutionized and continues to do so. To the point of having information within the reach of a click or tap.🖱 📱👈

In conclusion 😌

HTML is a language that allows us to tell web browsers how to mark up or structure a set of hypertexts called a web page. 🖥

Why is HTML important? ✨

It is a language created together with the Web, that is, most of the websites are written with HTML. For that reason its learning is vital if you want to start in Web Development. 👩‍💻👨‍💻

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This is my first article in English. Tell me if you liked it, if you have questions or any comments, I will be very happy to read you🦄

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